CANTINE di Mezzaluna cultivates their grapes on 20 hectares of beautiful land in the Pavia area, Oltrepò. These are located in two different parts of the region, both with their own and particular “terroirs”.

13 hectares of them are standing in the mountainous region of Montalto Pavese, in a south-east direction. The chalky soil is composed of sand and clay which lends to the red wines a special structure and emphasizes a great fragrance variety of the white wines.

The other 7 hectares are situated in Mantu Beccaria, in a south/south-east direction, on a mud soil. This intensifies the particular characteristic of the typical red grapes, like Bonarda and Pinot Nero.

The vinyards are cultivate with a very environmentally friendly system, called ”VINI DI LUCE”. This rules out the use of any harmful chemical treatments for the soil and the grapes, to maintain a fertile and healthy environment.